DOMO Chemicals is one of the biggest PA 6 polyamide engineering plastics and chemicals producers in the world.

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Domamid 66gm305h
Domamid 66v0m
Domamid 66st1
Domamid 66g30st
Domamid 66s
Domamid 66m40
Domamid 66g25v0p 1001 a
Econamid 66g30fl
Domamid 66g30h
Econamid 66flst1
Econamid 66flst2
Domamid 66g25v0ah
Domamid 66g30v0ef
Domamid 66g30
Domamid 66st2
Domamid 66g25v0p 1003 a
Domamid 66g25v0p 1001
Domamid 66y10
Domamid 66g15
Domamid 66st2f
Domamid 66b30
Domamid 66g30hr
Domamid 66sn
Domamid 66gb305h
Domamid 66st4
Domamid 66g50
Domamid 66g25v0ef
Domamid 66g35h